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Past Projects


The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin

January 2022

The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin is a film I have written, directed and produced.

The film describes the long and short term debt cycles that are present in our economy and how we are at the end of a cycle that could represent a major shift in our economy. At the same time, a new asset class, led by Bitcoin is emerging, and based on its fundamentals and how money tends to move in times like these, could become the safe haven from the uncertainty in our economy. The film has been transcribed as an article below for convenience.

Read this blog post to learn more.

Serendptech Crypto KYCAML Presentation.png

Consulting - KYC company education and strategy creation

June 2022

In this project, I helped a client with a KYC solution understand the bitcoin and crypto space - blockchain, wallets, differences between bitcoin and crypto, etc. before moving on to the KYC standards in the industry and building a sales strategy for them. My knowledge of the market, the tech, consulting experience and storytelling skills allowed us to create a clear and concise story to position their product.

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