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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Great Reset and the Fight for the US Dollar

In April 2021, I took the active decision to quit my corporate job as management consultant and focus my career on bitcoin. The reason for that was quite simple: I had acquired a lot of skills during my personal time and professional career, and I wanted to put them for good use. As all bitcoiner that has spent enough time studying the topic, I became passionate about it, but seeing the corporation I was working for was not going in the direction of bitcoin, I slowly lost motivation and got tired of working on projects for big corporate clients. The idea of spending my days figuring out ways to make them more money while bitcoin was there as a solution for an entire generation to save their wealth seemed selfish and counter-productive.

So I quit my job, decided to focus on bitcoin and came up with an idea: make a documentary - The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin. The work put into it led to results that far exceeded my expectations: over a million views, thousands of likes, comments, and a true impact that helped a community and people outside the community to better understand bitcoin and how it will impact them personally.

After launching the film, I decided to travel and go look for bitcoiners around the world. Which led me to spend a month in El Salvador. This is where I was lucky enough to meet Samson Mow (thanks to the help of Juan Camet). We got into a big discussion where Samson was explaining the kind of pressures he has witnessed on government officials from Central America by some US intelligence agencies. We went on to discuss some of the history of the region and the influence and control that the US has exercised in these countries for what is now centuries.

We both agreed that this is not normal, and that a country like the United States should not use its power and influence to destabilize a region. Since slavery was abolished in the US, a lot of what was once possible within the US territory, then had to be exported abroad.

The whole point of this conversation was this: the United States has created a lot of the historical instability in the Central American regions, and it has created this instability because it has long benefited from it. Today, this influence is still there, and the United States still benefits from instability there. But why? We have a pretty good idea of why: the US dollar and the system that was created around it, establishing the US as the greatest power of the world. The US is determined to hold this status, and will defend it at all costs.

It was a very interesting conversation, of course, and it led Samson to say: “Pierre, you’re a filmmaker, there is no documentary that tells this story from a contemporary perspective and including the rise of bitcoin in the world”. This sentence was the spark. It led me to strongly think about this topic. And it took months to come up with the right storyline, the right interviews, the right team, the right strategy for financing. All the points that were needed to figure out before starting this project.

And now here we are. It is finally time to launch this exciting project. I have found all the team members and found the support great bitcoiners that will help me share this project with the community.

The team

These legends are the ones that will help me take this film from idea to finished product.

The speakers

These are the people that I want to have interviewed. There are a few more and the list is growing. For now, only a couple of them are confirmed. I hope the list of confirmed interviewees will increase as the project progresses. If you have contacts to anyone from this list, please put us in relation. As you can see from the list, there are a lot of famous people from the bitcoin scene, but there are also US senators, particularly the senators that created the Accountability for Cryptocurrency in El Salvador (ACES) Act. It is important to be able to have a conversation with them too. We cannot have an objective presentation of the solution bitcoin really is to our world, without understanding the point of view of people that choose to fight bitcoin.


I was lucky to have gotten in touch with Brad Mills, that is a great bitcoiner and a big supporter of many bitcoin projects out there, whether it is software or film. He suggested putting me in touch with the team at Geyser and try to raise money through a community fundraiser. And this is what we are doing! You can find the project on Geyser, right here. The total budget for the film is $410,000 dollars, and we are starting by raising a lot less than that, in order to prove there is a community interested in this film and allow us to raise more funds through alternative sources. Of course, if we reach our goal on Geyser, we will extend it and allow gathering more funds through the fundraiser too.

I invite all bitcoiners to help with a donation, regardless of the size. We can use this opportunity to spread the word about bitcoin and expose the hypocrisy of the actors trying to block it.

I also invite bigger investors to donate through the fundraiser or to reach out directly to me if they wish to participate in this project but with a different status and share potential revenues.

Finally, the last group of people I invite to donate are bitcoin companies. We have the opportunity to market bitcoin to the world, and to centralize the marketing of a decentralized asset through storytelling. The potential audience of this project is wide that all bitcoin companies will benefit from participating in this and spreading the word to new customers.

The exact storyline of the film will be shared in a separate article, but the details of my conversation with Samson already hinted to a lot of the points I want to make in the film.

Follow me on Twitter (@CierrePorbin) and the official account of The Great Reset Films (@TheGreatReseta1) to stay up to date with all new updates concerning the project and the fundraiser!

Link to the fundraiser:

Help us bring bitcoin education forward, join our project!

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