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ANNOUNCEMENT: The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin Twitter account becomes The Great Reset Films

As mentioned in the title, the twitter account The Great Reset and the Rise of Bitcoin (@TheGreatReseta1) becomes The Great Reset Films.

This change comes because I have made the decision to produce some more content under this name. All content will be following the same topic: The Great Reset and whatever subjects I believe are connected to this idea of great reset and transition phase we are going through. Rather than focusing only on the subject of that first film, I choose to use this platform as the one where I will share all projects.

I want to use this opportunity to make it clear that whatever the future projects I will work on, they will all be bitcoin related and bitcoin only! Because bitcoin is the only thing that matters and I want to spend my time working on.

Of course, you guessed it, this announcement also announces the fact there is going to be another bitcoin film in production. More on this topic will be announced very soon.

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